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Indie Book Cover Design & Children's Book Illustration

JH Illustration

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And JH Illustration is LIVE! Due to popular demand, and a boom in business, I have separated JH Illustration from my main website www.jeaninehenning.com to streamline my services. AND – to open communication with my clients, and future clients!

Indie Authors – I did it for you!

Competition is increasing by the day (literally). There’s way over 700 000 self published authors out there. The number in indie books is growing. And making sure authors find the right artist to do their book justice – is becoming more and more important. And here I am – ready to help you create a cover that will stand out!

For a full view of my artwork and profile, go here: www.jeaninehenning.com

For my own thoughts as author – with a few writing tips, go here: jeaninehenning.wordpress.com

And, DO connect with me on Twitter! I love ‘Tweeting’ authors and readers! @JenVinci

This specific service blog shall be growing, just as our publishing industry is expanding at ginormous speeds 🙂

Speak to you soon!



Author: Jen Henning

Writer and Illustrator. Author of the Nhakira Trilogy. If you’re curious about what I do and why I do it and how I can do it for you, the “About” page on my website should answer at least a few questions! www.jeaninehenning.com

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  1. I loved everything you had to say! I think I have hope with indie!

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