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JH Emoji-ThumbsUp-PointCover Design ~ And Why An Author Has To Invest In One:

  • What is the very first thing a new buyer sees when he or she discovers your book? The COVER. Not the story, not the ingenious twists, not the brilliant narration – the COVER.
  • The 4 MOST important aspects to a good book is: story, editing, formatting and cover design. This is where YOU invest in your own book.
  • You and your book are now competing with established publishers and famous authors. Your book is going into a very competitive market and the cover has to measure up, if not exceed, the competition’s covers.
  • The cover is your salesman and representative.
  • A bad cover will drown a book. A good cover will pop out on a website, or on a store shelf.
  • A great cover can be the difference when a buyer decides on which book order to click.
  • Should you invest in a cover design? Actually, how could you not? Easy: bad cover = less sales – good cover = SALES
  • And finally: YES, it IS affordable to get an exclusively designed cover by an industry professional! Read on.

With a JH Cover Design You’ll Receive:

  • A meticulously crafted cover design created exclusively for you.
  • Excellent turnover time.
  • eBook formats supplied for KINDLE, NOOK, SMASHWORDS, iPAD, INSTAGRAM, AUDIO
  • Full cover design (front, back, spine, all typography)
  • “Upload and/or print ready” files supplied.
  • General rates vary from $100 – $550 (email JH with your author budget and cover specific inquiries)
  • Email for information and rates:

JH Illustration Offers Quality Design & Cover Art:

  • Why use JH? Because she has 20 years successful experience in the creative and publishing industries.
  • JH Illustration is capable of creating unique book covers for all genres at an excellent price and fast turnover.
  • JH understands the fluctuating market of what’s-hot-what’s-not with current trends, and will make sure your book’s cover is relevant.
  • JH approaches each cover with a very personal touch, and makes sure the ‘essence’ of the book jumps out at the buyer!

Be Careful What You HearOneKnight'sJourney_MEDIUMPirates&Wizards_MEDIUMBeCarefulWhereYouGo_MEDIUMTheSorcerersRebirth-Book9_MEDIUMThePoppyGardenTheMarbleHeistMurders_MEDIUMAmelia_MEDIUMMBR_MediumTheInitialBlow_MEDIUMLikeSweetButterMilk_MEDIUMObscureBoundaries_MEDIUMBrokenBenevolence_MEDIUMAsk-Answer-Look-KissBeginnerToOverlander_MEDIUMMurderOverTheBones_MEDIUMTheRippleEffect_MEDIUMTheWayYouAre_MEDIUMBefore He Was FamousBefore He Was GoneThe Day Of The WaveRUTHLESSCoverConcept_Book3ClownWilliam2_MEDIUMCurseOfTheMushasha_MEDIUMThe ParasitesMeridianThe Pitman's DaughterLara Craft (not Croft)TheVenomStorm-MEDIUMDiscoVering Ritual MeditationSidelines_MEDIUMThe One You LoveAPersianStory_MEDIUMBrock DeskinsTranscendedThe AgentThe Portal Colson's LawAKingdomFallen-MEDIUMProphecy's QueenThe Empathic DetectiveEra SinistraHope In The Heart Of Winter HarborVictor DeusVitiosi DeiMoon BurnRedFingerNails_MEDIUMThe Peoples BladeMISTWING_MEDIUMCoverConceptThe Fall Of AwesomeUnder The RadarNhakira Book 3Nhakira Book1AdventuresInAvalon_MEDIUMHomeSweetHomeForeclosed_MEDIUMTheTroubleWithAntlers_MEDIUMJudgement Of The EldersThe Reality Engineers 3Rocky Raccoon 2 - A Volcanic VactionRocky Raccoon 3

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