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Indie Book Cover Design Service

Cover Design – And Why An Author Has To Invest In One:

  • What is the very first thing a new buyer sees when he or she discovers your book? The COVER. Not the story, not the ingenious twists, not the brilliant narration – the COVER.
  • The 3 MOST important aspects to a good book is: story, editing and cover design. This is where YOU invest in your own book.
  • You and your book are now competing with established publishers and famous authors. Your book is going into a very competitive market, and the cover has to measure up, if not exceed, the big publishers’ covers.
  • The cover is your salesman and representative.
  • A bad cover will drown a book. A good cover will pop out on a website, or on a store shelf.
  • A great cover can be the difference when a buyer decides on which book order to click.
  • Should you invest in a cover design? Actually, how could you not? Easy: bad cover = less sales – good cover = SALES
  • And finally: YES, it IS affordable to get an exclusively designed cover by an industry professional! Read on.

With a JH Cover Design You’ll Receive:

  • A meticulously crafted cover design created exclusively for you.
  • Excellent turn-over time.
  • eBook formats supplied for KINDLE, NOOK, SMASHWORDS, iPAD, INSTAGRAM
  • Full cover design (front, back, spine, all typography)
  • “Upload and/or print ready” files supplied.
  • General rates vary from $100 – $500 (email JH with your author budget and cover specific inquiries)
  • Email for information and rates: jen@jeaninehenning.com

JH Illustration Offers Quality Design & Cover Art:

  • Why use JH? Because she has 16 years successful experience in the creative and publishing industries.
  • JH Illustration is capable of creating unique book covers for all genres at an excellent price and fast turnover.
  • JH understands the fluctuating market of what’s-hot-what’s-not with current trends, and will make sure your book’s cover is up to date and ready to compete.
  • JH approaches each cover with a very personal touch, and makes sure the ‘essence’ of the book bursts out on the cover at the buyer!
  • Visit JH’s official website to view more artwork, background and testimonials: www.jeaninehenning.com

Be Careful What You Hear  OneKnight'sJourney_MEDIUM  TheMarbleHeistMurders_MEDIUM MBR_Medium  ThePoppyGarden  TheInitialBlow_MEDIUM  LikeSweetButterMilk_MEDIUM  ObscureBoundaries_MEDIUM  BrokenBenevolence_MEDIUM  MISTWING_MEDIUM  CoverConcept  Ask-Answer-Look-Kiss  http://www.goddessmeca.com/  TheTroubleWithAntlers_MEDIUM  Before He Was Famous  Before He Was Gone  Before He Was A Secret  The Day Of The Wave  RUTHLESS  CoverConcept_Book3  CurseOfTheMushasha_MEDIUM  The Parasites  The Pitman's Daughter  Lara Craft (not Croft)  Whisperwind  http://www.susan-elle.com/  DiscoVering Ritual Meditation  TheRippleEffect_MEDIUM  Meridian  Sidelines_MEDIUM  Every Night Astronomy  The Sorcerer's Torment  The Sorcerer's Vengeance  Brock Deskins  Transcended  The Agent  The Portal   Colson's Law  The Watcher's Keep  The Dragon Rises  Prophecy's Queen  The Triadine Saga BoxSet1  The Empathic Detective  Era Sinistra  Hope In The Heart Of Winter  How To Be Loved  The One You Love  http://paulpilkington.com/  http://paulpilkington.com/  Victor Deus  Vitiosi Dei  AdventuresInAvalon_MEDIUM  HomeSweetHomeForeclosed_MEDIUM  The Million Day Forecast  TheMillionDayForecast2_Medium  T-Rab_MEDIUM  T-Rab3_MEDIUM  KidsCourt_MEDIUM  The Phony Farkleberry  Judgement Of The Elders  Quick As A Bunny  Penny For Your Thoughts  Book4_MEDIUM    Reality Engineers Book 2  The Reality Engineers 3  Rocky Raccoon  Rocky Raccoon 2 - A Volcanic Vaction  Rocky Raccoon 3  CoverArt_Medium Don't Eat Your Boogers  Jane Brown Book1  Edward Chageoever  Edward Changeover Book 2  The Fall Of Awesome  Under The Radar  Moon Burn  Family Unity  DiseappearingInk_MEDIUM      Nhakira Book1  Nhakira Book 2  Nhakira Book 3  A Roman Story  Strawman Made Steel  The Fountain of Eden - Dan H. Kind    The Peoples Blade  Looks Like Peace  A Christmas Eve Murder  The Wounded Murderer   Murder At The Pump  The Book Sale Murder  Winters Harbor  Freshmen Fifteen  online dating, relationships, love, comedy, kindle, amazon, indie author          BroadeningTheHighSchoolExperience_MEDIUM  RedFingerNails_MEDIUM

2 thoughts on “Indie Book Cover Design Service

  1. superb collection as always

  2. LOVE my covers! Jen is fantastic to work with!

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