JH Illustration

Indie Book Cover Design & Children's Book Illustration

Children’s Book Illustration

Jeanine’s experience in children’s book traditional publication – and her diverse artistic style – is perfect for any indie author in this genre. She is capable of designing, and creatively adapting, to almost any style you as writer might prefer or want. Her work ethic is professional, and deadlines are met. Only a select few projects are accepted per month, as to ensure quality control and deadlines. Booking Jeanine in advance is advised.

Below you can view a few samples of art.

To view Jeanine’s official online portfolio for children’s book illustration, click here: http://www.jeaninehenning.com/artworks/the-vault

And for extra illustration work click here: http://www.jeaninehenning.com/artworks/curiosity-box

For Fantasy Art samples visit: http://www.jeaninehenning.com/artworks/fantasy-art

T-Rab_MEDIUM T-Rab3_MEDIUM TheTroubleWithAntlers_MEDIUM thetroublewiththieves_medium thetroublewithtigers_medium  Rocky Raccoon Rocky Raccoon 2 - A Volcanic Vaction Rocky Raccoon 3 - A Treacherous Treasure CoverArt_Medium The Phony Farkleberry ThePasswordIsWishpers_MEDIUM  Don't Eat Your Boogers    KidsCourt_MEDIUM    Jane Brown Book1

Book4_MEDIUM    TheMillionDayForecast2_Medium    Reality Engineers Book 2


    Scene 06  Scene 014  Scene 9    Rocky RaccoonRocky Raccoon Illustrations Rocky Raccoon Illustrations Rocky Raccoon 3 Scene c Rocky Raccoon 3 Scene b Rocky Raccoon 3 Scene a Jane Brown by Amanda DeJong Scene aa Jane Brown by Amanda DeJong Scene ab Don't Eat Your Boogers by Carrie Lowrance Scene aa Don't Eat Your Boogers by Carrie Lowrance Scene ab       Vin_JH_021  Book1 012 Dragon Gentle_JENH       Scarlett's Curse COVER Scarletts Curse Pin-Up Cupcake   Boner

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