Children’s Book Illustration

Jeanine’s extensive experience in children’s book publication – and her diverse artistic style – is perfect for any indie author in this genre. She is capable of designing, and creatively adapting, to almost any style you as writer require. Her work ethic is professional, deadlines are met – and she includes the author on the book’s illustrative journey from exciting concepts to the final product. Jeanine believes that the ‘traditional creative magic’ between author and artist is the secret ingredient to a successful children’s book. Based on the amount of awards her clients’ books and covers are winning – this approach is proven to be true.

Illustrations can be done in both color and B&W, depending on the author’s print requirements – and she delivers her best work for both media platforms!

Only a select few projects are accepted per month, as to ensure quality control and timely delivery. Booking Jeanine in advance is advised.

Below you can view a few samples of cover and interior illustrations.

Jeanine is active on her Facebook page, and believes in keeping all her clients and future clients updated as to her progress, deadlines, new projects and general posts related to art and design: JH Facebook

To view Jeanine’s online portfolio for more children’s book illustration, click here:

And for extra illustration work click here:

ZappingThroughTimeCoverT-Rab_MEDIUMT-Rab3_MEDIUMHarrySparr_LARGERocky RaccoonRocky Raccoon 2 - A Volcanic VactionRocky Raccoon 3 - A Treacherous TreasureCoverArt_MediumSH-Season1-Ep5_MEDIUMthetroublewiththieves_mediumTheTroubleWithPETS_MEDIUMthetroublewithtigers_mediumThe Phony FarkleberryThePasswordIsWishpers_MEDIUMMelodyMagic_LARGETheHauntedFair_LARGEMysticVideoGame_LARGEGoblinAlleyMelody4_MEDIUMDon't Eat Your BoogersBrocksBadTemper_MEDIUMKidsCourt_MEDIUMJane Brown Book1Book4_MEDIUMPenny For Your ThoughtsWhiteBearBook2_MEDIUMTheMillionDayForecast2_MediumReality Engineers Book 2EdwardChageoever_LARGEDownInTheDen-CoverColours_LARGE





Scene 9Scene 06                        book1-010




Scene 4.pngcowScene_13Scene_05 Scene_19.jpgDragon



frog    Prologue_Scene1 Rocky 3        Chapter 21 Rocky 3 Chapter 17 Rocky 3

Scene 13Scene_04_Jane Brown Scene_09-JaneBrown  Scene 4_Color_boogers Book2 018 Book1 Extra   Book2 013     Scarlett's Curse  COVER  Boner

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