Branding and Design Services

You’ll notice there are no “BUY NOW” or “ORDER NOW” buttons on this site. That’s because JH still believes in “the personal touch” when working with clients, and creating covers that represent the true story of the book – not just ‘photobucket’ creations.

JH Services

  • Cover design for any genre incl. mystery & suspense, thrillers, horror, fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, romance, young adult, non-fiction, poetry etc.
  • Illustration and digital painting for exclusive and one-of-a-kind special covers
  • Young Adult Fantasy & Fiction cover design and interior art
  • Children’s book illustration and cover design
  • Graphic novel cover design
  • Book, series and author branding
  • Cover formatting for eBook and print templates
  • 3D Box Set design
  • Twitter and Facebook banner designs
  • Promotional wallpaper designs (for fan and reader downloads/giveaways)
  • Jeanine also gives the author different file formats and sizes of their covers, as to assist them in their marketing strategies.

About the Cover Artist: Jeanine Henning

JH is the solution to any author’s requirements: she is an artist capable of virtually any style and genre, across a spectrum of media.

Jeanine’s extensive professional background includes 16 years experience in cover design, children’s book illustration and publication, comic book publishing and editing, console game design, and writing. She has worked with editors, authors and artists on many continents over the span of her career, adding to her diversity and flexibility as artist and designer. Jeanine still works closely with traditional publishers on cover and book art.

Recently Jeanine published her 1st Kindle book on Amazon – Nhakira “Chosen” – 4 more books are soon to follow. And many more after that!

For more information on Jeanine’s background and testimonials, visit her site at:


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